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tuktuk patrol pictures

Guys, I think John finally did it this time: Check out this fine specimen of a big Thai ass that he brought along for a ride over the weekend. One would think he went to Doi Inthanon and took it’s ass home with him because once he climbed upon this beauty and plunged his surveying stick deep within her caves, anyone will agree, that’s one phat glorious ass! Truth be told, John was spying this girl up in a local walking park and she seemed very approachable. Maybe its the big phat Thai ass or the short choice of dresses but it seems this girl is slightly used to this type of attention from foreigners. Proof was in the fact that she was so very easy to talk to, flirt with and talk into going home with a strange foreigner sporting a camera. This 28 year old is not shy about anything and once John realized this, he went right in for the kill. Back at the hotel, he took a few photos then immediately attacked that body of hers. Most notably, what’s under that sexy skirt of hers… low and behold: a BEAUTIFUl big and juicy Thai ass that mostly had John’s sole attention from that point forward. It’s round, brown and looks like one hell of a cushion for the pushin’! Being true to obsession, John pounded her pek pek from every angle he could get into with his camera to show off that big ass of hers and as a steamy surprise, left this happy-faced Thai girl with a nice big steaming pile of DNA strewn all across her face! Sometimes, we just can’t think of a better way to release the steam-pipe, either. Nothing says success like a nice facial Until next time guys, stay horny!

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