TukTuk Partol Tube

tuktuk patrol tube

The boys were out hunting at night near a highway overpass when they spotted this beauty strolling around in a very short black dress. It’s moments like this that one wishes a sudden gust of wind would come along to help us all out. Obviously, nobody can control the weather so into the tuk tuk they went and immediately crossed the street to introduced themselves to this lonely beauty in black. Fast forwards minutes later and back at the villa, it only took a couple minutes of making out and humping up against her big tits to see just how rocking this girl was. Perfect in every way. Nice figure, big tits, juicy thighs and amazingly suckable nipples! I could go on and on about how wonderful Muei’s big Thai tits are but I’ll let the video do most of the talking for me. In all honesty, there’s no words I could use to describe just how wonderfully full of life and love those juicy mounds really are. You just have to watch Mr Nasty fondle, lick, suck, squeeze and attack them with his sausage to truly understand how amazing of a catch this was. And here I was in a butt-fuck-nowhere town this past week banging farm girls while he had this pickup video waiting for us to enjoy. Somehow, I think he still got the better end of the bargain, haha! You’re going to be very happy with the “end results” on this one!

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