TukTuk Partol Videos

tuktuk patrol videos

Hey guys! John sent us in a little adventure he had with a girl named Bik. She might as well be named spark-plug because she’s about as tiny as one! After carefully planning his method of attack, John followed this cute Thai around the karaoke bar for a bit until making his presence known and taking her home. Truth be told, girls like this sense when a man is interested and after getting the vibe of what’s to come, she happily followed him back to the hotel where, with a cute smile, she began posing for the camera… and damn if she isn’t a perfect subject for some naughty pics! Petite, moist, always smiling and sporting a nice little spinner body. What more could a man want in a cute Thai like this? Maybe the fact that Bik here claims John is her first foreigner! With information like this, John made good and sure this would be a special occasion for TukTuk! Her English may be very poor but in the international language of fucking, everything was understood loud and clear once her moist and furry hole came out to play and a cock was enthusiastically placed in her hands to show off her dick-pleasing skills. The real piece-DE-resistance, though, was the initial penetration of her tiny hole. John could hardly believe how small it was in there so it’s no wonder he just kept pumping and pumping that wet pussy hole of hers! You’ll love all the views John captured while banging this cute Thai but we’re positive you’ll definitely appreciate the view of her freshly cummed-in pussy which may, or may not ruin her figure in 9 months! haha. Thanks John! Until next week guys, stay happy and stay horny!

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